About Us


Ardagh District Recreational and Sporting Company CLG  (ADRSC) was established in January 2017 to provide recreational facilities for people of all ages and abilities in our Community.  Ardagh Recreational and Sporting Company limited by guarantee is a community group established to develop rural community facilities for the parish communities of Ardagh, Carrickerry, Kilcolman, Coolcappa, West Limerick and beyond.

This group, formed for and with the support of our rural community and over 30 organisations, is seeking to implement what would be a major positive development in rural West Limerick.

Mission Statement

Our mission as a volunteer led, community-based organisation is to enrich the lives of the Community we serve.  This phase of our strategic plan is to add an Astro Turf adjacent to the current busy community natural grass field.  Our vision is:

  • To create a community, multi-use recreational facility shared by all codes and all abilities.
  • To reach out to the wider community with new initiatives that promote connectedness and the wider social agenda.
  • To achieve participation for all and to provide the best facilities reaching out to all members of our community

Ní neart go cur le chéile”  (There is no strength without working together)

Aims and Objectives

The overall purpose of the Astro Turf development is as follows:

  1. To provide a recreational facility for the catchment area and for other sporting groups in West Limerick.
  2. To assist in the development of the local National School.
  3. To provide a facility for exercise for the elderly and people with disabilities within a short travelling distance.
  4. To improve the local infrastructure of the area.
  5. To encourage exercise and healthy living.
  6. To create a community multi use facility for usage by all ages and all abilities.
  7. To establish partnerships with local community & sporting groups for the mutual benefit of all.
  8. To create a sense of pride of place for the community and to bring “life” back to the area.


Board of Directors

A number of local people with vast community development experience volunteered to become directors on the board of ADRSC.  These six directors are as follows:

Directors Name Role in Company
David Woulfe Director/Chairman
Deirdre Ambrose Director/Company Secretary
Donal McEnery Director/Treasurer
John Aherne Director
Patrick Windle Director
Sean Hayes Director

Each director has a proven record of accomplishment in running various Voluntary organisations for the past 20-30 years in the West Limerick region.  These six directors are successful in both work and community lives.  All directors have extensive roles and connections with the local National schools, GAA Clubs, Soccer Clubs and Ladies Football club, Ardagh development associations and Parents councils.  In aggregate, the directors have over 160 years of involvement in local voluntary sporting organisations.